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At the center of the agricultural and energy transition
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Consulting in agriculture and energy transition

To achieve the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set at the global level, we offer organisations and territories the opportunity to carry out a carbon assessment of their activities and to draw up an action plan.

The energy transition is thus at the heart of our services. Our historical speciality is the study of biomass-energy deposits and the structuring of projects. We also offer project leaders the innovative solutions of startups from the European EIT InnoEnergy accelerator in the agriculture, energy and mobility sectors.

Dalle Consulting has a global vision of the agricultural sector. We are active in the management of agricultural and forestry assets. We also offer farmers a coaching service to support them in their professional transition.

Aware that the financing of these projects is a determining factor, we activate the necessary levers to obtain appropriate subsidies.

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Some data on our activity

2000 ha of assets under management 0%
1 Mtonne of biomass under study 0%
380 start-ups in partnership 0%

A complete offer for all your projects

At Dalle Consulting, we offer a complete package for each project, starting with an analysis of needs and issues before studying the feasibility and viability of the project and then proposing an action plan and monitoring the project during its operational phase.

  • Environmental sustainability

    Before starting a project, we analyse its relevance in terms of limiting global warming. 

  • Linking up

    We put in touch with the potential actors of the project to facilitate its implementation.

  • Technical and economic feasibility

    We analyse the technical and economic viability of the project before validating its implementation.

  • Project monitoring

    We can ensure monitoring of the project during its exploitation phase at the request of the customer