Bilan Carbone® - Carbon Footprint

Companies, municipalities, associations, make the first step for your decarbonization

In 2004, faced with concerns about global warming at the start of the 21st century, the French agency for ecological transition (ADEME) created the “Bilan Carbone®”. This method of measuring the carbon footprint is internationally recognized and makes it possible to account for all direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions related to an organization.

The realization of a carbon footprint can be fully realized by telecommunication interactions.

What is a Bilan Carbone®- Carbon Footprint ?

Dalle Consulting holds the Bilan Carbone® operating license issued by the Bilan Carbone Association (created by ADEME in 2011). We are qualified to audit companies, associations, public institutions, farms and municipalities.

Developed by ADEME, the Bilan Carbone® allows you to measure and establish the direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases emitted by an organization. Since 2011, the Association Bilan Carbone (ABC) has been managing these various measures and allowing the tool used to be controlled.

This calculation method is compatible with the national and international standards GHG Regulatory Report, ISO 14064-1 & 14069 and GHG Protocol.

Along steps proposed by the ABC and personalized by Dalle Consulting, organizations can fully invest in reducing their environmental impact in order to control and even reduce it.

In order to measure its carbon footprint, the Bilan Carbone® analyzes the three categories of GHG emission items, also called “scopes”. These three categories are listed as follows:

  • SCOPE 1 :

    Direct GHG emissions, produced by the activity’s energy consumption,

  • SCOPE 2 :

    Indirect GHG emissions, linked to the activity’s energy consumption,

  • SCOPE 3 :

    Other indirect GHG emissions. They include the GHGs produced upstream and downstream of the activity, like suppliers.


The purpose of carrying out a greenhouse gas emissions assessment (GHG) is to quantify the greenhouse gases generated by an activity.

Implementing a Bilan Carbone® is part of your structure’s strategy. This approach gives you:

  • A structuring of your environmental policy,

  • A Visibility of your vulnerability to energy dependencies,

  • An identification of your action plan to reduce your energy bill and your overall impact,

  • A possibility of communication on this societal approach,

  • Involvement of employees and partners through this exercise.

The perimeters definition of the Bilan Carbone® makes it possible to approach each case differently, according to the objectives of each organization. This method is part of an actions plan aimed at reducing its environmental impact and its GHG emissions. According to the defined perimeters, the Bilan Carbone® provides visibility on the dependencies and vulnerabilities of an energy-related activity. As a result, this initiative leads to strategic thinking while developing its activities.

Different steps are essential in our collaborative process:

Carrying out an emissions report is mandatory for certain companies

Article L 229-25 of the Environment Code governs the production of emissions reports.

Every three years, the production of a GHG Emissions Report (BEGES) is mandatory for:

  • French State services;

  • French local authorities with more than 50,000 inhabitants;

  • French public establishments and other legal entities governed by public law with more than 250 agents.

A wide spectrum of companies is also affected by this article.
For legal persons under private law employing more than 500 people in mainland France and 250 people overseas, a BEGES is obligatory every four years.

These reports, accompanied by an action plan, must be published on the ADEME website.


The Bilan Carbone® is a tool that allows you to calculate your emissions to understand your strengths and weaknesses in the face of the challenges of tomorrow (carbon tax, increase in energy costs, etc.). To do this, the Dalle Consulting team supports you in your decarbonization strategy and more specifically in your energy transition.

We can support your structure over the long term, by offering innovative solutions of energy transition to reduce your environmental impact, as well as opportunities to offset your emissions.

With our 360° vision, we have a personalized and committed follow-up in the transition of our customers.

Oftenly, organizations conceive one of their activities as a major greenhouse gas emitter. However, the Bilan Carbone® shows more important criteria and provides a vision of all the actions to be taken.

Our services are co-constructed following an exchange on your needs and expectations.

In addition, our entire team invites you to discuss your transition strategy and the subsidies to achieve it.

Data analysis will allow us to offer you solutions that will allow to show your energy-intensive / expensive positions. We will build a strategy together so that you can save money.


In order to be able to fully invest in decarbonization solutions, it is important to clearly understand the ins and outs of our impact. Each organization can then benefit from workshops allowing their teams to understand in a fun and simple way, what actions to take to carry out an effective energy transition.

DALLE Consulting also supports companies by offering innovative solutions to meet their energy projects, needs and issues.

By relying on the expertise of our engineers as well as on innovative high-performance solutions, mainly from EIT InnoEnergy, we want to support our contacts as much as possible and facilitate their entire transition process.

Whether in energy production, energy storage, mobility or real estate (and many other sectors), we take care of your problem and treat it with care. 

Our goal is to go beyond the calculation of GHG emissions. Our team, motivated by climate issues, offers you its general vision of the environmental theme. Each service being unique, we are at your disposal to discuss about your project.