Dalle Consulting

Office Farming and forestry



Consulting activity for agricultural, forestry and public entities

Dalle Consulting is an agricultural consulting company based in Andorra la Vella providing international services, with a focus on Spain, France and Andorra. We are specialized in the fields of agricultural advice, forest management and biomass.We also offer specialized services, such as investment in farmland and short-rotation energy crops, as well as the study and implementation of carbon credits.

Agricultural advice 0%
Forest management and ingeneering 0%
Biomass companies 0%
Land investment 0%

We are specialized in biomass, forest management, investments in farmland and energy crops.

Antoine Dalle · Founder

Antoine Dalle is recognized throughout Europe for his long career in the field of agricultural advice, especially in biomass. With more than 20 years of experience in his own farm in France and his highly qualified team, he advises companies and investors on all types of agricultural, forestry and biomass projects.


  • Office farming consulting

    Link between the agri-food industry and the agricultural world, analysis and audit of your company, agricultural advice

  • Forest management

    Development of the wood industry, support for carbon credit projects, ensuring the economic viability of the project.

  • Biomass companies

    Management of agricultural and forestry related products, biomass energy crops, connection with
    quality partners.

  • Land investment

    Search for suitable land for the project, negotiation with the different parties, advice on acquisition
    or rental.

We have many years of experience in advising executives and entrepreneurs. Our main mission is to help them make the best decisions for their companies.We are your trusted agricultural advisors, with extensive experience in supporting companies in agricultural, forestry and biomass projects.