Energy transition and innovation

Partnership with the EIT InnoEnergy, accelerator of european startups

Dalle Consulting is an actor in the energy transition and the development of innovative projects.

We support companies and municipalities in the technological response to their energy projects, needs and issues.

For this, we rely on our expertise as well as on innovative high-performance solutions, mainly from the EIT InnoEnergy* 

Dalle Consulting supports the decarbonization of public and private actors through its various expertise: Depending on the progress of your project, we can provide support from the beginning to the end or according to your needs:

Different options are available:

1 – Complete decarbonization support

  • Awareness workshops on climate issues; animation within the team ″Fresque du Climat″

  • Realization of the carbon footprint and determination of an action plan

  • Proposal of technological solutions to implement the action plan

  • Search for grants

  • Offsetting GHG emissions to succeed in its carbon neutrality strategy

2 – Proposal of innovative technologies

Based on the observation made by the company, we can select, present and advise project leaders on the appropriate solutions for a successful energy transition.

The whole team remains alert to the market in order to find the best, innovative and adapted technologies. 

The proposed technologies meet various projects and needs:


One of the main obstacles to green mobility is the lack of suitable or sufficient infrastructure for charging and refueling vehicles. Private and public solutions of all sizes exist, including for complex car parks. These may include (Bio)CNG stations, hydrogen and electric charging systems. Last-mile mobility and micro-mobility are also major issues.

Energy is essential for our different uses: to house us, to move around, to produce… and even to entertain us! It remains to produce it in the most carbon-free way possible and adapted to each situation. Biomass, solar, wind, … are all possibilities.

Because some renewable energies are intermittent, storage is an essential condition for the energy transition.

Electricity and heat can be conserved in multiple ways, whether in industrial, real estate, agricultural or other applications.

Environmental regulations are increasingly ambitious.

Thus, the thermal performance but also the life cycle of the building must be exemplary.

The prefabricated wooden structure and self-consumption of energy improve the carbon footprint of the building and reduce energy consumption.


Agriculture and energy sector are always closer.

The farmer is an energy producer for territories but he is also concerned for his own uses: energy self-consumption; production of BioNGV for farm vehicles; management of irrigation systems; …


Water management is a major challenge for the future.

It is possible to treat large quantities of wastewater and make it drinkable.

Similarly, sludges are now resources that can be used to produce large quantities of energy (biogas, hydrogen, hydrochar) supplying a local energy circuit.


Artificial intelligence (AI) allows to optimize many flows and processes and to achieve energy savings without massive investments. It applies to logistics, industrial processes, real estate, nautical centers, … and many other sectors.

*EIT InnoEnergy

EIT InnoEnergy is the largest energy startup accelerator in Europe.

Born in 2010 from the desire of the European Union and major energy players to invest in sustainable energies and innovation in order to accelerate the energy transition, the startup accelerator is also an investment fund and a project company founded and supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

380 Startups supported 0%
3.4 billion raised for startups 0%
1.1 giga tonnes of CO2 savings 0%