Study of deposit and biomass projects structuring

For wood energy, biomethane, green paraffin and green chemistry projects

With over 15 years of experience in agriculture and energy crops, Antoine Dalle, CEO of Dalle Consulting, now has a global vision of the biomass deposit in France, Andorra and Northern Spain. He also has numerous contacts in this sector.

Our teams support project developers who have biomass needs. We first study the projects in question and the biomass supply requirements in detail before carrying out a complete study of the available source. We then put the selected suppliers in contact with the project owners in order to sign the various contracts.

Finally, during the operation phase of the project, we monitor the delivery and quality of the incoming biomass to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are able to carry out wood deposit studies (forestry chips, pulpwood, sawdust, sawmill chips, class A and class B recycling wood, etc.), but also biomass deposits for developing sectors such as green paraffin, biomethane and green chemistry.

For wood energy projects, we also offer innovative boiler solutions adapted to the needs of our clients through our partnership with the start-up accelerator EIT InnoEnergy.

Finally, in the event that a biomass deposit is not available in the area surrounding a project, we are able to sign partnerships with local farmers to manage dedicated plantations or grow energy crops.