Our vision, our values

A sustainable future for our farmers, our companies and our territories

At Dalle Consulting, we aim to assist stakeholders in the agricultural and energy transition to help them achieve their objectives.

We seek to support farmers to become more resilient to climate and societal changes.

We also want to bring our expertise to companies and territories to enable them to succeed in their decarbonization strategy.

Strong values for a better collaboration

Our team is committed to respecting the following values with our clients but also among collaborators. We strongly believe that this allows us to move forward in the best conditions towards the accomplishment of the projects we support.

  • Listening

    We always listen to our clients and partners in order to identify the needs and issues of each project.

  • Availability

    We are available to answer any questions you may have and to solve any issues you may encounter, in order to ensure a cohesive relationship.

  • Transparency

    We ensure total transparency in our decisions and in our speeches in order to always act without ambiguity for the good of our customers and our collaborators.

  • Collaborative work

    We pool the expertise of each of our employees and partners in order to provide our clients with the most comprehensive offer possible.