Short rotation energy crops

Antoine Dalle started planting Willow in short-rotation energy crop in France 15 years ago. The most pessimistic thought that this model would not last in time.

Finally this type of agricultural production with a woody plant is more and more solicited by the industrialists. Offering an attractive remuneration per hectare, farmers are open to this type of production.

The most commonly used species in France are willow, poplar, eucalyptus and acacia. In northern Europe, willow is preferred, while in Spain we find more easily poplar and eucalyptus.

It is indeed an agricultural production, eligible for the premiums of the Common Agricultural Policy.The cultivated species are selected to be planted in suitable production areas for optimized production per hectare. Thus, the plantation is maintained.

The activity and destination of the soils remain unchanged. Energy crops fully meet the phytosanitary products reduction targets, since only one application is provided on the fifteen years of planting.

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