innovations for the energy transition

In partnership with the startup accelerator EIT InnoEnergy

As a partner of the EIT InnoEnergy startup accelerator since October 2020, Dalle Consulting is a player in the energy transition and the development of innovative projects in the territories. Founded and financed by the European Union, the EIT InnoEnergy supports European high-tech companies to create competitive and strategic sectors for the energy transition.

Dalle Consulting supports public and private project leaders and solution providers in all phases of the projects :

  • Detection of project leaders in the sectors of renewable energy, mobility, agriculture, industry and many others ;

  • Proposing innovative solutions adapted to project leaders from a panel of nearly 380 European start-ups ;

  • Accompanying project stakeholders until the contract is signed and monitoring the start-up process.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of solutions that will enable you to carry out your projects :

Renewable energies :

  • Biomass and/or bio-waste : cogeneration, heat, biomaterials or biochar production ;

  • Biogas : purification or filtration of biogas to produce biomethane and increase the profitability of production sites ;

  • Electricity : storage, micro-hydro, rooftop mini wind turbines, performance of photovoltaic plants, solar trackers.

Mobility :

  • Fuels : private (Bio)CNG stations for light fleets, hydrogen stations ;

  • Electric recharging : terminals, robot chargers, car parks ;

  • Sustainable mobility : charging stations for all scooters, cargo vehicles, electric tricycles, hydrogen bikes ;

  • Carpooling : dematerialised lines for daily trips.

Industry :

  • Heat : heat production, storage and transport of fatal heat ;

  • Cold : high efficiency ecological cold production ;

  • Energy : energy management of industrial sites.

Agriculture :

  • Irrigation : remote control and management of irrigation ;

  • Biomethane : purification and production of BioNGV.

Urban development :

  • Lighting : intelligent management to achieve significant savings ;

  • Construction : wooden modules, energy management, RE storage ;

  • Innovative furniture : smart bins, connected benches, playful floors.